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The Comprehensive Plan

Clearfield County and Elk County are teaming up to establish a Joint Comprehensive Plan to develop strategic goals for future economic growth and to better position both counties for future federal and state funding. The plan will create a vision that reflects the ideas and goals of each region’s residents and stakeholders. For more information about the plan and to stay up to date on ways to get involved go to ClearfieldElkComp-northcentral.hub.arcgis.com.

In 1968, the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania adopted the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) in order to empower local governments with the authority to coordinate and plan land development. Today many of these land use regulations are quite familiar including subdivision and land development ordinances and zoning ordinances. Although less well known, another important provision contained within the MPC is the Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan was intended to provide municipal governments, including boroughs, townships, and cities, with an organized and though out approach to future community and economic development. Although often overshadowed by subdivision and land development ordinances and zoning ordinances, these land use controls are actually tools made available to assist executing the Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan is often prepared with a broad range of subjects significant to the local municipality including infrastructure, housing, transportation, and community facilities. Prior to undertaking any new land development initiatives, local officials are encouraged to consult their Comprehensive Plan. If a local Plan is unavailable, then local municipalities could consider the County Comprehensive Plan. The County Comprehensive Plan was updated in 1999 and includes many of the same general concerns, albeit over a much wider area.

Elk County 1999 Update of the 1968 Comprehensive Plan Phase I

Cover and table of contents
Table listing through introduction
Page IA-1
Location Map Exhibit 1
Pages 1A-3 through IA-4
Deep Slope Map
Pages IA-6 through IA-11
Prime Agricultural Soils Map
Pages 1A-12 through IA-16
Pennsylvania Elk Range Map
Pages IB-1 through IB-5
Population Density Map
Pages IC-1 through IC-10
Pages IC-11 through IC-16
Condition of Housing Map
Pages IC-18 through ID-2
Pages ID-3 through ID-12
Pages ID-13 through IE-7
Public Sewage Materials Table
Existing Sewer and Water Map
Pages IE-10 through IF-4
Pages IF-5 through Table 43
Pages IG-5 through IH-3
Existing Land Use Map

Elk County 1999 Update of the 1968 Comprehensive Plan Phase II

Part II Cover through page IIA-9
Pages IIA-10 through IIC-2
Pages IIC-3 through IID-9
Pages IIE-1 through IH-1
Pages IIH-2 through IH-10
Future land use map
Pages II I-1 through II I-9
Pages II I-10 through II I-19
Cover Appendix A through page A-5
Pages A-6 through B-2
Pages B-3 through F-1
Pages F-2 through I-1
Pages J-1 through Internet Sites page 3
Appendix B through municipal survey
Municipal survey end through the community survey
Community survey end and the Ridgway Record
Proof of publication through Legal notice of public meeting



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