Elk County Launches PulsePoint

Category: Elk County News Published: Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Are you CPR Certified ?   

Did you ever wish you could help someone in need of CPR ?

Elk County is proud to partner with the Allegheny Health Network / St. Vincent Hospital to bring to our residents

PulsePoint is comprised of 2 APPS that can be downloaded to your cell phone (either IOS or Android). 


The PulsePoint RESPOND APP is used to notify you when a cardiac arrest is occurring at a public location within ¼ mile of where you are currently located.  The purpose of this is to alert CPR trained individuals that they may be able to help someone in need while first responders are going to the scene.  Seconds count in these situations; so being able to begin CPR at the earliest possible time is the goal.  You will never be sent to someone's private residence - only public locations.


The PulsePoint AED APP allows a user to assist in creating a registry of AED machines and their locations.  This assists 911 to inform responders / callers of the location of any nearby AED machines during a crisis.


More information, including downloads, is available at www.pulsepoint.org

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